Posted by: Pam B. Newberry | April 8, 2016

Honeybees Loving Spring!

Honeybees Loving Spring

Spring honeybees enjoying the sweet nectar of the weeping cherry tree. This picture was taken prior to the recent cold snap.

A Surprise Gift!

Dear friends of ours, Dianne and Bubba, sent us a care package. They are in the midst of learning about bees. The package contained a lovely “Queen Bee” Mug, a beeswax candle shaped as a beehive with a cute little bee on the side that sits on a cute tiny, decoupaged coaster, and they also included a nice collection of lighter knot pine sticks.

HoneyBee gifts from Diane & Bubba

Lovely gifts from Diane & Bubba!

Lighter Knot, if you are not familiar, is a wonderful wood from the heart of pine used to help start fires. We have used it for years and love its ease of getting a good fire going. This prized gift came at the perfect time with our temperatures dropping into the very cold temps. We will start a good, roaring fire with it tonight.

We are hoping that the honey bees are able to withstand this drop in temperature.

Hope you have a blessed weekend!

With Honey Love,

Hobbit Queen

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