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Inactivity means a Busy Life — Pam B. Newberry

Hello Reading Fans! “Inactivity means a busy life” with me, anyway. Gees, Hobbit King and I have been extra, extra busy this spring and early summer. It all started with me helping Hobbit King with our honeybees. We are beekeepers (about five years now). We have six hives, well, actually, we have four hives and a half—one […]

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Posted by: Pam B. Newberry | May 1, 2016

Packages of Bees Arrive

Bee Packages

This Wednesday, we are supposed to receive our packages of bees–providing the weather is good. We’re so excited. The two hives that made it through the winter are doing very well. We hope these two new packages will adapt and we’ll be able to build them up strong to go into winter.

Figure 5: Pollen on My Knees -- see related blog posted earlier

Pollen on My Knees — see related blog post

We also have seen one goose family floating along the creek with their new young. And, we’ve seen a pair of mallards with young. I had planned to snap a picture, but alas the camera battery was dead. Ugh! Such timing!

Here’s hoping you have had a glorious May Day!
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Honeybees Loving Spring!

Honeybees Loving Spring

Spring honeybees enjoying the sweet nectar of the weeping cherry tree. This picture was taken prior to the recent cold snap.

A Surprise Gift!

Dear friends of ours, Dianne and Bubba, sent us a care package. They are in the midst of learning about bees. The package contained a lovely “Queen Bee” Mug, a beeswax candle shaped as a beehive with a cute little bee on the side that sits on a cute tiny, decoupaged coaster, and they also included a nice collection of lighter knot pine sticks.

HoneyBee gifts from Diane & Bubba

Lovely gifts from Diane & Bubba!

Lighter Knot, if you are not familiar, is a wonderful wood from the heart of pine used to help start fires. We have used it for years and love its ease of getting a good fire going. This prized gift came at the perfect time with our temperatures dropping into the very cold temps. We will start a good, roaring fire with it tonight.

We are hoping that the honey bees are able to withstand this drop in temperature.

Hope you have a blessed weekend!

With Honey Love,

Hobbit Queen

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