Posted by: Pam B. Newberry | April 16, 2012

Quick Catch-up….

Hey Everyone,

Got busy last week and do I have a lot to share! I hope to bring you up to snuff real soon, like tomorrow! 🙂

We ended up having six swarms!!!! Yes, it was amazing. We lost two, captured two for ourselves, and gave two away to a fellow beekeeper who had lost four of his hives earlier this year.

So all-n-all not too bad of a week. Hobbit King also managed to get me stung! Yep…I had almost made it a year without any bee stings. I was soooo proud of myself. Oh well…so goes the life of a beekeeper!

I’ll share all on my blog entry tomorrow! Have a great evening!

Honey Cheers,
Hobbit Queen

PS…I’ll have pics too! 🙂


  1. Looking forward to it. Shame that you spoiled your sting-free year. And just how did Hobbit King manage to get you stung? Sic’d bees on you? lol


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