Posted by: Pam B. Newberry | March 19, 2012

Fluttering by like a Honey Bee

Thought I’d do a very quick post — Fluttering by like a Honey Bee!

Wow…the honey bees were definitely out in force today. We have a large (~ 25 feet tall and at least just as wide) weeping cheery tree in full bloom. The sound the bees made while foraging over the tree was impressive, if not a little scary when you walked under the branches.

I tried capturing the effect with my cell phone in picture and sound. Alas, the sound did not work at all. Not that I expected it to, but I was really hoping. Hobbit Daughter had told us that she had tried to capture the sound with her phone and all she got was the sound of Grand Dog barking.

The pictures were actually not too bad. My problem is my lack of tech savvy in trying to figure out how to send myself the pictures when I don’t have Internet access with my phone. I forgot I cancelled the feature when I renewed my contract in order to save some cash.

There had to be over 2,000 bees on the tree. Some where bumble bees, but by far the majority were honey bees. It’s hard to know if they were all our bees. All I know is that in years past, the sound was nothing like we heard today. Hobbit King and I think it must be a mixture of bees flying in and working the tree, happily foraging together.

I walked down to our bird bath where Hobbit King placed a cinder block in the water along with the corn cob I talked about last time. The bees were covering the surfaces that were not too deep in the water, getting what they needed to make bee bread for their brood.

The hives are so alive. It is so impressive sitting and watching the bees come and go!

Tomorrow, I’ll go out with my trusty digital camera and capture the lovely ladies at work.

Here’s hoping the honey bees have a restful evening. As hard as they worked today, I’m sure their little bee wings are plum worn out.

Honey Cheers,
Hobbit Queen


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