Posted by: Pam B. Newberry | December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Honey Bee foraging on cherry blossom - March 2011

Hopes for spring are in our hearts. This honey bee is forging on a cherry tree blossom. In the spring, the tree hums with the sound of hundreds of honey bees as well as other nectar loving flying insects. We are looking forward to seeing these blossoms again in 2012.

So far, we’ve not had the snow cover we had by this time last year. The picture below was taken on December 8, 2010:

Backyard view with temperature at 20 degrees F - Burrrrrr!

The bees are staying in their hives as the temperature is staying below 50 degrees F. We hope the winter stores of honey are holding up.

Miss Beehaven with Hobbit Queen will be on holiday break. We will return with more beekeeping tales to share sometime the week of January 09, 2012.

Until then, may the time of the season be a blessing to you and your family and may your wishes for the new year be all that you hope for and more!

Honey Cheers to you and yours!
Hobbit Queen


  1. It’s funny how it works…thanks!

    Happy New Year CB-3!


  2. It takes some time but the snow finally came Your loving husband CB-3


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